Leadership Teams

Collaboration starts at the top. Unleash the full potential of your organization with collaborative leadership team meetings.

Once a year, we work with your leadership team to co-design and facilitate a collaborative gathering to formulate your annual strategy, ensuring the conditions for success.

Even better, we design and facilitate three leadership gatherings over the year. Late spring, your team scans broadly to expand their thinking and prepare for strategy formulation. Mid fall, your team gets together to create the strategy for the following year and identifies tactics to have a strong finish to the current year. Finally, your team begins the new year by getting together to get aligned around executing the strategy.


Collaboration Sessions

Make better, faster decisions using a proven design process in a purposeful workspace during a collaborative work session. 

The process brings all of your key stakeholders into the same conversation. It begins with a shared learning experience and moves forward with rapid design, build, test, and iterate rounds. Engagement is high, and the output is a solution with group buy-in and an actionable way forward.

A collaborative work session is co-designed to help you achieve your organization’s specific needs, such as strategy formulation, expanded leadership team, digital strategy, program/project acceleration, rapid solution workshops, stakeholder engagement, innovation challenges, customer summits, and more.




Transformation Hubs

Innovate, transform, and make collaboration part of your organization’s DNA by launching a transformation hub on your site.

You can use your transformation hub in many ways - for launch sessions, rapid design and decision sessions, stakeholder alignment sessions, risk management sessions, governance sessions, PMO meetings, and more.

Think open, flexible, and inspiring workspace with hundreds of square feet of whiteboards. Your key stakeholders will get together and get results using a proven design process. 

You can even dedicate a percentage of your transformation hub time to community engagement sessions to help make the world a better place.