We love the people and organizations that we work with. The meaningful change that we help them create during collaborative gatherings and through our creative communications mean Collaboration, Inc. is loved by tens of thousands of people within financial services, healthcare, retail, entertainment, technology, government, and other areas. 

As trusted advisors to senior leaders in business and government, the work that we do is strategic and transformational. Accordingly, we don’t share our client list. However, we can share some of the nice things they’ve said about working with us…

We will never do another conference without you guys!
— Global CFO
It was great fun! And effective!
— New York Times/Businessweek Bestselling Author
Kudos to you and the team. You’ve really become an important part of our planning process.
— CCO, Pharma Company
High energy and very creative! We rapidly developed our marketing and branding activities for the region in a series of facilitated sessions
— Big 4 Consulting CMO
It was a great outcome and will underpin our success over the coming two years.
— Customer Experience Director, Fortune Global 500 Company
I feel a shift…we are even further advanced than I imagined. We have a tremendous number of great ideas here. There is passion and fun in the room. We are focused!
— CEO, Energy Company
This is the best IT leadership team gathering that I have been to... ever!
— Fortune 100 CIO
The strategic plan we worked on this summer has taken hold, and we are right on track for the 90-day objectives. It was definitely a wonderful, defining event for us.
— Not for Profit President
It was a wonderful event, a tipping point, you could feel the energy in the room…
— Hospital Strategy Director
So, we presented the summary document to the Board after playing the video. The output was described as ‘the most impressive output I have ever seen.’ Fantastic! And, I received a standing ovation when I left the room.
— Head of Strategy, Hospital System
Look at what we have accomplished in just three days. We came in here shaking hands and getting to know one another. Now, we are walking out of here having built a tremendous plan and we are definitely stronger as an organization today.
— EVP and COO, Global Pharma
I have very high expectations and we smashed through all of them. This was great!
— Big 4 Consulting CFO
As someone who works with lots of consultants, this has exceeded my expectations. We could not have done this work in three months on our own. You’ve made me a believer. Thanks. We will be doing many more
— Vice President of Strategy, U.S. Healthcare Company
That was the best offsite in my 25 years with the bank.
— COO, Global bank
We were… amazed that, given the political and emotional components of the subject and the participants from such diverse organizations, you were so adept at keeping everyone ‘playing nice’ and moving to the objectives.
— Program Director, US Government Agency
The session was fabulous. I can’t think of another way that would have gotten us this far in three days.
— VP Strategic Partnerships, Fortune 100 Company
This is the best meeting that I have ever been to…very productive, very productive…
— VP Field Services, Communications Company